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Some introduction: the language used in most of this website is what i name unnative English, but the more native inside a human, which means: this language use is but slightly different from a mere standard use and requires all of your senses, not just the standard five physical ones, though of course and naturally never without your comprehension, anyway so this language use intends you to use all of your abilities... so you could tune into your own sense in unassimilated self,

The end of Main Stream is coming.

Yes: here we are

O you , young bright brilliant highly sensitive beautiful people who suffer from the oppressive phenomenon of Main Stream , the end of this but illusive phenomenon is near and i want you to know that there is no need for any violent action, like throwing bombs, nor any other horror that you would have to do at all. I know that main stream is making you almost crazy. Hold on..., do not lose courage.

So… let us take a look now into what is this phenomenon named Main Stream using all our given gifted bright senses in the way of understanding the language of simple truth known and so then you could see as i see that main stream is in deed a stream of raw and rough push prison energy locking us up . Do not be afraid. The truth is already within you; it is within you by nature. And so now what? Just simply be aware of this and… step out of that stream , just like that, and walk the free way that is life. Yes: main stream in fact is death. But once you simply step out of that oppressive stream named main stream…, just do not be confused but be simply clear and see: main stream has no hold on you anymore and you are free! So: how is life there, how is life outside the main stream? You have become a human being with unlimited human possibilities and besides you can observe main stream as a phenomenon and some of you could even see its pushing tie-up prison form of stream... O yes: all people in main stream streaming in the push, are prisoners of death, yet they do not realize.

So what will happen to you once you have simply stepped out of that killer stream? You will see the paranoya and the many other illnesses of mankind / humanity. You will see the roaring world of main stream as handcuffed blindfolded lame and deaf prisoners, although physically they appear they have been given all; yet they somehow do not use it, because their brains are drained. Also you will notice that some want to scoff you, yet you feel they have no knowledge and that they do so because they are prisoners and in pain, but they do not know, they are not aware and they but tell you what they would tell other main stream victims as themselves. It is that they are but confused and their confusion can be contaminative. You see? You have entered a much fuller even unlimited language plane wherein for you the road to go is clear. As each of us has her/his own road / path / way, you name it, to go. So… How now?

You see your own sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, friends…... left in that main stream prison lock up energy stream while they do not see so. But be aware that seeing so, is also your first possible trap. So now you are already warned about this trap, because it is yet another main stream leftover: that you somehow unawarely would be competitive… which is so separative… and basis for hate and all sort of pain. Next you must understand that this is not a theory, but a practise, even a continuous executive way of life in life and so it is not about (what?) "evangelizing" them at all (o no!), but it is just that you keep on letting go of the force of main stream continuously, yet you live in this world. Just be decisive and 'do' it and do not let your brain become confused which is but another remaining of ordinary main stream monotonic brain drain damage.

You could probably see about the whole world constitution moving about in front of your eyes, but you are not attached to that what you see, yet you see it. Because nothing is wrong with your senses.

Good luck and soon i could say some more here. For any questions on this
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